Brotherhood in the World

The Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation invests in programs, scholarships and grants to advance the educational mission of Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Through this investment, the Educational Foundation champions our Brotherhood in the World. These success stories signify the impact that our brothers create in their chapters and communities. The stories are only possible through the generous support of the Educational Foundation’s donors. 

Lambda Chi Alpha’s impact stretches far and wide, and it is only through our members that we can truly change the world. Thank you to our generous donors who allow the Foundation to continue investing in our young men. 

Brotherhood in the World

What a year to be a senior in college.

We learned to study, socialize, relax, and order take-out—all in front of the same screen. We innovated because we had no other choice, and we made it to spring because of you.  With May commencement looming, there was always the...

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Brotherhood in the World

Every day is a good day to be a Lambda Chi.

Nick Drago (Oklahoma City University, Theta-Delta)  Give Now Times have certainly changed since we joined Lambda Chi all those years ago. I hope you will also agree that organizations which refuse ...

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Brotherhood in the World

Peaks and Valleys

The Importance of navigating valleys rather than peaks.  Arseniy Kouzmenkov (Alberta, Epsilon-Rho) Editor's Note: This article was written by Arseniy Kouzmenkov (Alberta, Epsilon-Rho), in collaboration with...

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