Brotherhood in the World

What a year to be a senior in college.

We learned to study, socialize, relax, and order take-out—all in front of the same screen. We innovated because we had no other choice, and we made it to spring because of you. 

With May commencement looming, there was always the temptation to check-out. Thankfully, local alumni reminded me that our Brotherhood would outlast this strange and frightening year.

They showed me that graduation isn’t a finale and that we don’t become members in the past tense. I am a Lambda Chi; not I was a Lambda Chi.

I choose to remain a contributing Brother, not for my own sake, but for the Associate Members who will join this fall. If we do what we can, when we can, maybe Lambda Chi Alpha might outlast us entirely. 

This year, Lambda Chi chose to innovate and redefine our value proposition. Partnerships with DeMolay and Kaplan are only the most recent examples of Lambda Chi’s innovation. The truth is: it costs a lot to go to college, and joining a Fraternity is an added expense. I’m fortunate to graduate without loans, but over half of our Brothers can’t say the same. With plans to expand to 300 campuses by 2028, Lambda Chi’s network will be deeper and wider than ever before…but only if students are buying what we’re selling. 

Having joined DeMolay—the Freemason’s youth affiliate—in the 5th grade, I became familiar with fraternity at a young age. By the time I enrolled at Valparaiso, joining Lambda Chi was a no-brainer. For others like me, this partnership is a commonsense pipeline, and a timely reminder of young men’s need to be surrounded by positive male role models. So, what can new members expect for their dues? A lifelong network of men who are obligated, by oath, to pick them up when they fall—even when they didn’t know they had fallen. 

As I can attest from my current job search: soft skills aren’t just important, they’re essential. With Kaplan, we add tangible value by translating the officer experience into a real-world certification, saying to hiring managers, “I have what you’re looking for,” before the interview even begins. You and I know how valuable the Lambda Chi experience is and now, thanks to the Educational Foundation’s $1M commitment, everyone else will too. 

For me—a dues-paying senior—giving back isn’t about paying a bill; it’s about making this experience possible for those I may never meet. Except, by the time they join, I hope it’s not my experience—I hope it’s even better. This hope requires significant investment, though it’s not enough to enrich our value proposition alone. We have to make Lambda Chi Alpha more accessible to those who might not have afforded it otherwise. 

Your support to the Educational Foundation is a declaration of hope. With a gift this spring, you will join a growing number of Circle of Light donors who are underwriting Lambda Chi’s innovation, ensuring no Brother misses these initiatives for lack of funds. Join the Circle of Light today:

  • Purple Circle: $250 – $499
  • Green Circle: $500 – $999
  • Gold Circle: $1,000 – $2,499
  • Rampant Lion: $2,500 – $4,999
  • White Rose: $5,000 and above

Thank you for removing barriers between future Brothers and the experience that changed your life and mine. Because of you, Lambda Chi Alpha will go further.

Yours in ZAX,

Chad Dykman
Iota-Sigma Zeta 1112
Valparaiso University ‘21

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