A Letter from the Fraternity and Foundation Leadership

As the Fraternity kicked off many new, integral projects within the past year, the Educational Foundation continues to support these efforts whole-heartedly. We are proud to walk together with the Fraternity to support our undergraduates in all their endeavors. It is with sincere thanks and gratitude I offer you these observations summarizing our efforts and noteworthy accomplishments in 2019. 

The boards of the Fraternity and Educational Foundation established an aggressive vision to grow the membership to 20,000 members and double expansion by 2028 and established search committees for new leaders to create and execute a new strategic plan. Troy Medley was selected as the Fraternity’s sixth CEO and Dan Hartmann as the President and CEO of the Educational Foundation. Together, the boards and new leadership established a strategic vision for the future of Lambda Chi Alpha. This vision brings forth a new Lambda Chi Alpha while remaining true to our roots: generational empowerment, associate membership and ritual focus, selfless service and lifelong leadership. 

This past summer, undergraduates and alumni brothers from around the United States and Canada met for the Stead Leadership Seminar in Denver and St. Louis. This leadership weekend equipped our brothers with the tools to lead their chapters and build healthy, long lasting relationships. In additional, High Alphas and chapter advisors convened in Indianapolis as the Office of Administration introduced the situational leadership model and the new chapter support model, replacing the Educational Leadership Consultant program. With your support, the Educational Foundation underwrote $30,000 of the Stead Leadership Seminar and $95,000 of the High Alpha Summit and Neville Advisors College costs.  

Throughout our history, Lambda Chi Alpha has adapted to meet the needs of the day and has consistently led the Greek community, This past year, we have developed exclusive strategic partnerships with the JED Foundation, the One Love Foundation and Dyad Strategies to develop tools to combat challenges our undergraduate men are facing and create a strong, stable environment for their personal growth on an individual level. We believe these new changes enable our men to become better Brothers not only during their collegiate experience, but that they act as the building blocks of habits that ensure they become the employee, community leader, husband and even father they are meant to be throughout their lifetime. The Educational Foundation underwrote the cost of Dyad Strategy’s health and wellness research study in the amount of $35,000.  

We could not have underwritten these events without your financial backing. Additionally, we would like to thank those many brothers who responded to our data verification project with our partner, PCI. To date, more than 26,000 brothers updated their contact information to remain connected to the brotherhood.  

Our commitment to you is to remain vigilant in the face of adversity and ensure all Brothers are protected, supported, and empowered. All with the understanding that a better man, is a better society.  


In ZAX, 

Troy Medley 
Lambda Chi Alpha  
Chief Executive Officer 

Dan Hartmann 
Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation 
President & Chief Executive Officer